Mehrgarh and the Dawn of Civilisation (8000 BCE - 2500 BCE)

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The ancient site of Mehrgarh lies at the foot of the Bolan Pass, on the banks of the Bolan River, not far from the modern city of Quetta in Balochistan in Pakistan. This has been a significant area in the Indian subcontinent’s history. From time immemorial, the Bolan Pass acted as a connector between the Iranian highlands and the Indus basin. It is through here that hunters, pastoralists, traders, invaders and others ventured into the land of the Indus, over thousands of years. It is also at the site of Mehrgarh, at its foot, that you will find clues to the dawn of India’s first civilisation – the Indus Valley or Harappan Civilisation
The raw beauty of the area is hypnotic. But it wasn’t this primal pull that brought a French husband-and-wife team of archaeologists here in the 1970s. They came here hunting for an ancient settlement. What they found was momentous – a missing link!

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