Ajrakh Free Size Overlay Nishah


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  • Modal silk and 100% Cotton Satin


  • Black

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Where beauty, style and legacy come together! Make a statement with this  Black Ajrakh Overlay, which is a perfect fit for all.

Ajrakh is a colourful block printing tradition practised in Kutch and Sindh. It is believed to be one of the most ancient forms of printing - perhaps from the  Indus Valley Civilization, which was known for its cotton and use of indigo, almost 4000 years ago. The double-sided block printed Ajrakh fabric is still made in the traditional way using natural dyes. 

On PeepulTree, you will find an assortment of Indian textiles from the far corners of India. These arts are iconic as they represent centuries-old traditions, and use natural material inspired by the land they come from.

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