Lambani Ayna Choker (Red & Yellow)


  • Shortest- 11 inches and Longest- 21 inchest


  • Cotton thread + beads + mirrors


  • Red and Yellow. Colours on the actual product may vary slightly.

  • description

While traveling through the Sandur village in Karnataka one gets introduced to the community of Lambani women wearing full embroidered traditional clothes, selling beautifully crafted pieces of art.
The vibrant tribal art form traced back from the deserts of Rajasthan has today even received international recognition owing to its universal appeal.
This is a necklace covered in Lambani art with beautiful and intricate mirror and thread work reflecting the age-old Lambani tradition.
While the Lambanis believe in celebrating life, we have made available this Lambani necklace online to celebrate them and their art.

Quantity: 1 piece

Care instructions: Store your jewellery in it's own box or pouch to prevent scratching, chipping and entanglement. Keep away from humidity, moisture, fragrance and water. Use delicately.