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Copper Minakari Hand Crafted Rakhi Surya

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This Copper Enamelled (Minakari) Rakhi is beautiful and symbolises the warmth,power and eternal qualities of the sun...our source of life. 

Our copper enamelled rakhi is handcrafted in western Maharashtra to give you generations of beauty. Crafted from copper, the intricate hand-blowing process allows for a visual display of exquisite craftsmanship with every strike on the hammer. The rich copper coating gives it longevity and an ambience of divine devotion for you and your loved ones to cherish forever.

A near extinct craft, enamelling attains colour enrichment by fusing glass onto the copper surface. The glass powder is laid onto the copper surface in the requisite patterns and the assembly is heated to 800°C, at which point the powdered glass melts to form a coat on the copper surface. Not only does the glass enamelling lend its vibrant colours to the copper surface it also prevents it from oxidizing, thereby increasing its durability.

This rakhi collection is brought to you by Ekibeki. Ekibeki is a social enterprise working with artisans to save age-old crafts which are on the verge of extinction.

Care instructions : Gently rub with a soft, clean cloth. Enamelled jewellery requires extra care to protect the enamel from damage. Keep away from fragrance and chemicals. Handle delicately.Keep your copper rakhi away from humidity and moisture to avoid tarnishing. Store in a pouch or box to prevent scratching and entanglement.

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