Bastar Tribal Wrought Iron Decorative Stand


  • Iron


  • 37 Inch x 13 Inch

  • description

Lohshilp against a lighter coloured wall makes for an ideal statement for your home. A beautiful wall feature that can light up any corner of your home!

This handcrafted beauty comes from the heart of India's tribal belt of Bastar reflecting the rural lifestyle of the tribal community.  Lohshilp (Wrought Iron Craft) is one of the most unique and the oldest craft forms of Bastar.

The Bastar region is one of the richest areas in terms of iron ore deposits in India. The art originated from the Iron Smith Community that used to make farming and hunting implements for tribes. Over the years, the craft has evolved into a revered artistic form.

Quantity: 1 piece. Candles not included.

Care Instructions: Iron rusts with time. However, if you prefer to maintain the sheen, clean regularly with a soft dry cloth .Keep away from moisture and abrasive cleaning agents. This is a handcrafted product that may have sharp edges and slight design variations. Some products may need minor adjustments to balance. Ships within 7-21days.

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