Embroidered Dhebariya Sebha Black Cushion Cover


  • 16x16 inches


  • Black base fabric with multicolour embroidery. Colours on the actual product may vary slightly.


  • 100% Cotton

  • description

From the deserts of Kutch in Gujarat comes an exquisite form of art known as the Kutchi Embroidery.

For centuries, artisans from the local rural community have been involved in using Kutchi embroidery to make beautiful items such as bags, jackets, footwear and even jewellery.

This multicoloured cushion cover has mirror pieces and beads woven with great precision. It is embroidered in the Paako embroidery style which has tight chain stitches and is known for its sturdiness and durability. The pattern reflects the daily lives of the local artisans and has been sourced directly from the local communities like the Meghwals and Sodha Rajputs.

Quantity-1 piece

Care instructions: Dry clean only

Quantity: 1 Piece cushion cover

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