Blush Pink Ombre Check Sozni Embroidered Handwoven Pashmina Shawl


  • 200cm x 100cm


  • 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina


  • Blush Pink

  • description

This quiet beauty of a shawl in blush pink is made of pure pashmina - the finest grade of cashmere wool there is. The fibre is so delicate that it has to be handwoven on a traditional wooden loom. This shawl has a gorgeous woven check pattern that brings out the hand embroidered bootas so well. The embroidery is the traditional and intricate Sozni embroidery which is so detailed that it looks the same on both sides of the shawl. It's for this reason that this embroidery is called the do-rukha or two sides. With it's elegant and tasteful look it can be paired with both traditional and western wear. This lovely shawl is the key accessory in your winter wardrobe.

Please note that all products are individually crafted by skilled artisans. Slight variations add to the unique beauty and personality of each piece.

Size: 200cm x 100cm

Weight: 180-200 gms

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