Cloud Grey Pure Handwoven Ombre Pashmina Stole


  • 200cm x 70cm


  • 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina


  • Grey

  • description

This elegant double shaded, Ombre, light pastel stole in varying shades of clouds - grey and silver, is made of pure pashmina – the finest grade of cashmere wool. The yarn is handwoven in Kashmir on traditional looms. Soft, stylish, warm and light, this stole is understated in its sophistication. Pair it with traditional outfits or western wear, this beauty adds elan to your ensemble be it a work day or a social evening. This is one accessory that is a must for your wardrobe.

Size: 200cm x 70cm

Weight: 95-110gms

Fabric: 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina

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