Flowers of Fergana Marble Inlay Cheese Board & Dip bowl Set


  • Cheese platter: 12 inches x 6 inches & Bowl: 3.5 inches dia; 1.5 inches height; 2 inches base


  • White Marble & Semi-Precious stones


  • Multicolor

  • description

The exquisite floral motifs on this White Marble Cheese Board and Bowl set are made by inlaying semi-precious stones, intricately cut and carved into marble using the traditional Petra Dura or Parchin kari technique.

The handmade marble cheese board and marble bowl, which can be used for dips or olives, have been meticulously handcrafted by our master artisan.

The art of marble inlay or Prachin Kari is believed to have come from Renaissance Italy to India, during the 16th century. The Mughals had a profound appreciation for this art, and you can witness it adorning their monuments in Agra, Delhi, and Lahore. In fact, these pieces have been handcrafted by our master artisan, whose lineage can be traced back to the skilled artisans who came to Agra to build Mughal monuments, including the Taj Mahal!

The marble inlay process requires great skill and patience as semi-precious stones like corals (for red), Mother-of-pearl and malachite (for green) are intricately cut and carved into marble to create stunning designs.

Add this exquisite set of marble cheese board and dip bowl to add a classical touch to your table/serve-ware. This is also a great gift to give. After all, when you purchase this set, you acquire a piece of history linked to India's most renowned monument—the Taj Mahal in Agra!

Note: These products are meticulously handcrafted, using traditional inlay techniques with semi-precious stones on marble, by our highly skilled artisans. Variations are the beauty of handmade products & this is what makes them unique. Please note that the product's actual colours may slightly differ from what you see in the images due to variations in computer screen resolutions, displays, and photography.

Quantity: 1 piece

Care Instructions: Handle this item delicately. Wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth after using and dry with a clean dish towel. Do not submerge the marble bowl in water, and avoid abrasive cleaning products. Recommended to use for serving dried food items without moisture. Keep away from brightly coloured foods as they may stain the white marble.

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