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A chic tiered dress in silk Modal crafted in soft and buttery Bemberg. This flowy Shibori dress makes a bold statement in colours inspired by the earth.Shibori is a manual resist dyeing technique used on textiles to create patterns that spread unevenly across the fabric. The resulting patterns compel one to see and appreciate the beauty of imperfections. Each piece is unique and no two pieces are entirely alike, making. Shibori is prized for its uniqueness and arresting beauty.

Originally from Japan, this collection primarily uses the “itajime shibori” Shibori style, meaning "board-clamping" in Japanese which has been developed by master printers of Jaipur.

Itajime Shibori is primarily used for creating geometric patterns. The size and shape of the blocks used determine the size and shape of the pattern. To Create a clamp shibori, the fabric is folded and sandwiched between two flat objects, such as a piece of wood and then clamped tightly together with binder clips. The areas of the fabric that are pressed between the two blocks will resist the dye, creating a pattern. The dye penetrates the area of the fabric that isn’t clamped, creating a contrasting pattern. In addition to the tying, which must be skillfully performed by experienced hands to withstand the dye and provide a 3D effect on the fabric, the untying is also very crucial. What's unique about this print is how it finally manifests itself in the most beautiful and unpredictable patterns!

Care Instructions: Professional dry clean only. This piece is hand-dyed and printed in Jaipur with natural colours using the age-old resist-dyeing technique of Shibori. The dye has slight variations in its colour, making each piece unique. 

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