Tribal Gond Original Painting of Peacocks Around the Tree of Life

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This eye-catching original hand-painted piece created by our award-winning Gond artist combines two powerful motifs - the peacock and the tree of life.

The Tree of Life signifies all the goodness and harmony in life and brings peace and happiness to those of nurture it. Peacocks also occupy an important place in the Gond culture as symbols of prosperity, fertility, and harmony with nature.

These original paintings are made on paper with acrylic paints. Gift them to a loved one as a meaningful, handcrafted, and unique present or add it to your own home!

Perfect as Christmas and birthday gifts, these are also great gifts for the home for anyone with an eye for unique, high quality pieces!

Gond Art is an almost a 1400-year-old traditional art form indigenous to the Gond Tribes found in Central India. This art form, traditionally used to decorate the mud walls of domestic dwellings, has since been adapted to work with various contemporary mediums and materials.

Highly influenced by nature, beliefs, folklore, culture and traditions of the community, the unique painting style if this community makes extensive use of dots, fine lines, dashes and other geometric shapes which adds a beautiful texture to the paintings.

The word ‘Gond’ comes from the Dravidian expression ‘Kond’ which means ‘green mountain’ and the Gond People believe that looking at a beautiful image is auspicious. Add a modern yet traditional twist to your space with this beautifully hand-painted artwork.

By purchasing this product you're not only bringing a beautiful piece of traditional craft into your home but also helping support this centuries-old craft form and ensuring its continued survival. Your patronage helps Peepul Tree continue our work with these artisans and the quest to ensure their work is recognised and supported.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Quantity: 1 painting without frame. The frame shown in the image is for representational purposes only.

Care instructions: Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture, water and other liquids. To ensure the longevity of this painting we recommend framing it with glass protecting the painting.

Return Policy: All requests for returns must be initiated by the customer within 48 hours of receiving the product. In order to maintain fairness to our artisans and craftsmen, we accept returns only for damaged products.

To initiate a return, please send us an email at support@peepultree.in.

Please refer to our standard return policy for more details.

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