Hand Engraved Wooden Buta Tealight Holder


  • Height 2.5cms approx. Maximum width 8cms approx. and maximum length 14cms approx. Pls note sizes may vary considerably since this is a handcrafted piece.


  • Solid wood

  • description

A floral motif decorates this intricate Tealight holder,  engraved by master artisans out of solid wood. Makes for a perfect addition to your table setting and décor.

Tracing its roots back to the 18th century, these wood carving blocks were arduously handcrafted to impose beautiful designs on cloth in the process called block printing. With the advent of screen and roller printing, this art form has seen dwindling demand leaving only a handful of artisans who can recreate these beauties.

At Peepul Tree we help revive and support crafts that deserve to be loved and preserved.

Qty: 1pc Wooden T-Light holder. Tealight candle not included.

Care Instructions: Clean regularly with a soft dry cloth or brush. Keep away from moisture, liquids and abrasive cleaning agents. This is a handcrafted product that may have sharp edges and slight design variations. Handle gently and carefully.

Ships within 21days.


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