Hand Painted Papier Mache Hanging Doves Set of 5


  • Assorted Colours

  • description

This Christmas, decorate your home with these wonderful Papier mâché doves
made lovingly by the artisans of Kashmir. This set of five Christmas doves in
assorted colours has been handmade and handpainted using a centuries old
technique. A symbol of peace, these doves are a beautiful reminder of what
the true meaning of the season is. Hang them in a doorway or window, or
perched on your Christmas tree.

Kashmiri papier-mâché is a popular handicraft introduced to Kashmir in the
14th century and enjoys popularity to this day. This craft is practiced in the
homes, and workshops, in Srinagar, and other parts of the Kashmir Valley using
paper pulp. The pulp is processed and dried to take the desired shape of the
product being made and then finally decorated with fine hand paintings done
in vivid colours with pure gold detailing to add a rich opulence to it. The way
paper pulp is transformed to make these exquisite and fine pieces of art is truly

Each piece is a labour of love and is a perfect addition to your celebration.