Terracotta Harappan Bull Seal Replica with Frame

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‘Majestic’ is the one word that comes to mind when you look at this Harappan Bull Seal. This is a replica of the iconic Bull Seal found across the sites of the Harappan Civilization that stretched from modern Day Afghanistan to south Gujarat, 4000 years ago. Interestingly this seal has also been made using the same form of terracotta or mud art that was used then. Today this is practiced by Molela artists in Rajasthan. 

This seal is a representation of the  Zebu or Bos Indicus bull, indigenous to India. Interestingly, this grand Zebu bull can still be found in the region across Gujarat and Sindh, where most of the big Harappan-era sites are located!

Do note that these replicas are much larger than the original Harappan Bull Seal, to allow you to use them as wall hangings or showcase them. Each seal comes framed and has a provision at the back to both hang the frame and leave it standing on a flat table.

Quantity: 1 Piece

Care Instructions:  This piece is fragile. Handle with care. A soft bristled, dry brush can be used to gently clean the surface. Keep away from moisture and liquids.

Return Policy: All requests for returns must be initiated by the customer within 48 hours of receiving the product. In order to maintain fairness to our artisans and craftsmen, we accept returns only for damaged Lippan products.

To initiate a return, please send us an email at support@peepultree.in.

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