Terracotta Handcrafted Harappan Pashupati Seal Replica


  • 8 inches x 8 inches including frame.

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The earliest known depiction of Lord Shiva? This seal, popularly known as the ‘Pashupati’ seal, is one of the most mysterious and exciting seals from the Harappan period. Dating back over 4,000 years and found in the site of Mohenjo-Daro, it depicts a man with an elaborate headdress and four animals around him – an elephant, a tiger, a water buffalo and a rhinoceros. Experts believe that this seated, cross-legged man may have been a proto-Shiva, or an early depiction of Shiva, the Hindu god who is part of the Holy Trinity. This opens up a tantalizing possibility of a continuum in the worship of Shiva, from Harappan times!  

Made by a traditional Molela terracotta artist from Rajasthan, this replica of the Pashupati Seal by Peepul Tree is a must-have collectable. It represents a piece of history and celebrates the continuing legacy of terracotta art still practised in the region today.

Do note that these replicas are much larger than the original Harappan seals, to allow you to use them as wall hangings or showcase them. Each seal comes framed and has a provision at the back to both hang the frame and leave it standing on a flat table.

Quantity: 1 Piece

Care Instructions: Fragile, Handle with care.  

Return Policy: All requests for returns must be initiated by the customer within 48 hours of receiving the product. In order to maintain fairness to our artisans and craftsmen, we accept returns only for damaged products.

To initiate a return, please send us an email at support@peepultree.in.

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