Dhokra Harini Wall Hook


  • 8x3 inches


  • Brass

  • description

Use this beautifully crafted Dhokra wall hook for hanging clothes, hand towels and other knick-knacks to keep your home organized. For thousands of years, tribes stretching across the central belt of India have been using the wax metal casting method to practice this art. Even the ancient Bronze Age Harappans used this very technique. Still rooted to the earth, Dhokra art is inspired by the everyday life and beliefs of these ancient tribes. 

Quantity: 1 piece

Care Instructions: Brass tarnishes with time, giving it a beautiful antique look. However, if you prefer to maintain the sheen, clean regularly with a soft dry cloth.Keep away from moisture and abrasive cleaning agents. This is a handcrafted product that may have sharp edges. Handle gently and carefully.

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