Kutchi Embroidered Woolen Shawl Natural Sparkle


  • 44*88


  • Eri silk

  • description

Carefully embroidered by hand on Kutch Weaving Wool, this soft white shawl is a brilliant addition to your winter wardrobe.
With 22 types of embroidery, each belonging to a different community, Kutchi embroidery is like an identity card! What stands out in all the pieces you find here are the unique motifs, bright colours, mirrors, beads, and intricate embroidery that is as precious as the finest art. Normally made by women, the embroidery is generally done on cotton or silk using a combination of threads. The embroideries of Kutch such as Rabari, Ahir, Mochi, and Mutwa bind communities and also reflect their legacy.

On PeepulTree, you will find an assortment of Indian textiles from the far corners of India. These pieces are from KCC, a group of NGOs working with artisans across Kutch.
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