Lacquered Hand Masher
Lacquered Hand Masher
Lacquered Hand Masher
Lacquered Hand Masher

Lacquered Hand Masher

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The Vadhas, a nomadic community from Kutch specialize in a unique craft of making lacquered wood products. This Lacquered Hand Masher has been handmade with lacquer wood and can be used to mash lentils, to make buttermilk and more.
Lac, a material taken from insect resin, has been used in Indian craft for centuries.
Coloured lacquer is applied to wood by turning it over heat using a hand lathe. The artisan skillfully moves the lac to create patterns by hand in kaleidoscopic designs.
Kutch Craft Collective is a collaborative platform of 5 organizations from Kutch and was formed to revive the old crafts of Kutch, while creating livelihood opportunities for the artisan families.
With an aim to promote locally grown cotton and help marginalized communities, Khamir, a not for profit organisation works with the Vadha community from Kutch to revive lacquered wood art.

Care Instructions-Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Wash with soft soapy water and wipe with cotton cloth.

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