Meenakari Silver Earrings Firoza


  • Approx. 3cms length not including hook. Approx width 2cms at the widest part


  • Pure Silver

  • description

These silver earrings are made using the Meenakari or enameling technique. Introduced in India by the Mughals, the art of enameling is all about creating vibrant designs with the amalgamation of colors on silver.  It features motifs inspired by flora and fauna. Meenakari motifs are first engraved by hand onto silver sheets. Then coloured glass is  ground and removed of impurities, after which it is mixed with metal oxides for consistency to fill. The engraved portions are meticulously filled in a particular order with this glass mixture and then heated in a furnace. This is then smoothened to accentuate the Meenakari pattern before it goes back into the furnace one last time. That is how these beautiful earrings are created over several days by our skilled artisans.

Care instructions : Gently rub with a clean cloth. Enamel jewellery requires extra care to protect chipping. Keep away from fragrance and water. Handle delicately.

Storage : Keep your silver jewellery away from humidity and moisture to avoid tarnishing. Store in a pouch or box to prevent scratching and entanglement.

Quantity : 1 Pair