Pattachitra Kandarp Hasti Onyx Painting


  • 13 X 19 inches


  • Colours on the actual product may vary slightly

  • description

This is an image of the Kandarpa Hasti, intricately painted with ten Gopis or damsels within the body of an elephant or Hasti, that is ridden by Lord Krishna. Krishna is portrayed playing his flute under the canopy of a tree. ‘Kandarpa’ is another name for Kamadeva the god of love, and literally means one who can inflame even a god. The painting’s beauty is enhanced by the intricate dichrome designs made using natural black and white colours.

Literally meaning Cloth Painting, Pattachitra is an artform from Puri in Odisha in which images of deities are painted on a piece of cloth.

Quantity: 1 painting without Frame. The frame shown in the image is only for representational purposes.

Care instructions: Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture, water and other liquids. For best results, keep in frame with glass.

Shipping time: 10 days

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