Pattachitra Krishna Leela Painting

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This Pattachitra depicts the blue-colored Lord Krishna in an intimate dancing pose with Radha and surrounded by Gopis as part of his Raasleela dance. The Raasleela is an important theme in Vaishnavism and is understood as the dance of eternal love and devotion. National Award-winning artist Niranjan Moharana’s use of vibrant colours on a dark background add vividness to this painting

Literally meaning Cloth Painting, Pattachitra is an art form from Puri in Odisha in which images of deities are painted on a piece of cloth. This practice started to give the temple deities a break after the annual ritual bath.

Quantity: 1 painting without Frame. The frame shown in the image is only for representational purposes.

Care instructions: Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture, water and other liquids. For best results, keep in a frame with glass.

Shipping time: 10 days

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