Pattachitra Painting of Hanuman


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Discover one of the finest masterpieces in this artform by our National award winning artisan, N.Moharana brought to you exclusively by Peepul Tree.  This painting has fetched the artisan several awards by the Orissa governmenet.

This Pattachitra Painting takes nearly 1 year of meticulous, hard work put in by our artisan to achieve the level of minute detailing done on this piece. One of a kind, this is a collector's piece that is simply spectacular. Many years of practice and dedication culminate into such pieces of perfection. Depicted here are iconic scenes from Krishna Leela.

This Pattachitra Painting of Lord Hanuman is hand painted in the traditional style. Lord Hanuman is one of the central characters of the Hindu epic, Ramayana. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and instrumental in rescuing Sita and defeating Ravana. As the Hindu deity known for love, compassion, devotion, strength, and intelligence, Lord Hanuman is one of the most widely worshipped Gods. He is a symbol of success and fulfilment. .The intricately done designs and the use of natural colours enhance the beauty of this painting.

The art of Pattachitra paintings emerged from Puri in Odisha. Legend has it that local artists in the Puri region began painting images of the temple deities on a piece of cloth. This practice started to give the temple deities a break after the annual ritual bath.
This form of painting on cloth came to be known as Pattachitra, Patta meaning Cloth and Chitra meaning Painting.

Quantity: 1 painting without Frame. The frame shown in the image is only for representational purposes.

Care instructions: Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture, water and other liquids. For best results, keep in frame with glass.

Shipping time: 15 days

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