Pattachitra Shree Jagannath Monochrome Painting

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Lord Krishna’s Raasleela with Radha and the figures of Lord Jagganath with his siblings are the two important iconographic images you will find in Pattachitras. This monochrome Pattachitra by renowned artist Niranjan Moharana perfectly blends the two iconic Vaishnavite depictions. At its centre is the image of Krishna with Radha in Raasleela, while on its both sides are depictions of Lord Jagannath with Subhadra and Balabhadra.

Made up of two words: ‘Patta’ meaning cloth and ‘Chitra’ meaning image, Pattachitra is an art form that emerged from Puri (Odisha) where images of the deities and their chronicles are painted on a piece of cloth.

Quantity: 1 painting without Frame. The frame shown in the image is only for representational purposes.

Care instructions: Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture, water and other liquids. For best results, keep in frame with glass.

Shipping time:10 days

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