Kashmir Plop Planter


  • 15" x 15" x 9.5"


  • Willow Wicker


  • Nat Brown

  • description

Adorn your home with this hand-crafted planter, perfect for keeping your indoor plants. This is crafted from wicker sourced from the willow tree. 

Locally referred to as Keani Keam, this is a hand-skilled craft from Kashmir, involving the weaving of willow reeds into various items that are used in everyday life. The craft has remained an indigenous business industry of the valley for centuries.

Made by KILAB, or Kashmir Innovation LAB with the help of local artisans from the Kashmir Valley, these products help preserve an age-old tradition of art and craft. Now you can choose from a wonderful collection of wicker-woven products on PeepulTree. 

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