Sheen Paper Mache Embroidered Cotton Silk Dupatta


  • 2.5 mtrs length 36 inches width


  • Cotton Silk


  • Green Dupatta

  • description

Kashmir, also known as the paradise of the world conjures up images of verdant gardens in bloom surrounded by the mighty mountains and chirping birds. This exquisite odhani or dupatta is a work of art that is crafted specially from the women of the Kashmir valley. Each piece is deftly hand embroidered over several months in the traditional Sozhni technique unique to Kashmir and it's people. Usually done of Pashmina, we have created this dupattas on a cotton silk fabric for year round use. The color palette and motifs are inspired by the beautiful flora and fauna of Kashmir across the seasons. This dupatta involves key processes. First, a Naqash uses block prints to make the outline of the design. Thereafter, the expert hands of an embroiderer fill these designs with varying thread colors using thick needles. Paper Mache embroidery is a form of embroidery which might be considered as a bolder variant of Sozhni. It consists of breathtaking motifs which are worked in a satin thread. Motifs are outlined in black to give a protruding effect. We have created a unique twist to the traditional colors used and created this dreamy palette that is soft and dreamy, much like the Valley itself.. The art of embroidery is passed down generations and it takes several years of practice before an embroiderer's work becomes worthy of the craftsmanship that one comes to expect from the artisans of Kashmir. The embroidered dupatta is then finished with threads cut, and then a dry cleaning ensures the block print ink faded and thereafter another round of finishing ensures the product is ready for use. This dupatta uses both cotton and silk threads which further highlight the gossamer base it is done on.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

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