Shola Lights

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These Shola Lights are a handmade shola string of fairy lights with delicate, life-like flowers. They are a reflection of fine craftsmanship.

According to folklore, Lord Shiva was on his way to marry Parvati when he requested Lord Vishwakarma, to make him a white crown for his wedding. However, the great builder Vishwakarma wasn’t able to make the crown that Shiva desired. It was then that Shiva created a man, who in turn created an exquisite crown, garland and other ornaments from the soft white core of the shola plant. The man was named “Malakar”.

The Shola craftsmen who mostly belong to Bengal are still called “Malakar” which means “Makers of Garlands”. Shola is an aquatic plant which has milky white sponge-like stems. The Malakars use tools such as blades and threads and spend months meticulously transforming these stems into beautiful decorative shola pieces.
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