Tree of Life: Mata Ni Pachedi

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Mata Ni Pachedi is also called the Kalamkari of Gujarat thanks to its resemblance to the art of Kalamkari from South India and the same method of painting, namely using a pen (kalam) made out of bamboo.
Mata Ni Pachedi, in the local dialect literally translates to ‘behind the mother goddess’. This artform is believed to have evolved 300 years ago, when the devotees from the Devipujak or the Vaghri community in Gujarat and Rajasthan were barred from entering temples. They created their own place of worship with illustrations of the Mother Goddess (Mata) on pieces of cloth.
These were made by elaborately painting stories of local patron goddesses on large rectangular cloths. Different forms of goddesses are depicted in the most traditional colours, made of natural dyes.
The Tree of Life symbolizes positivity and a connection between heaven and earth. Here is a beautiful depiction of the Tree of Life motif in the Mata Ni Pachedi artform style.

Quantity : 1 Painting without frame

Care instructions : Keep away from direct sunlight, moisture, water and other liquids. To preserve this artwork, keep in frame with glass.

Shipping: This painting is made to order and cannot be shipped immediately. Minimum time to create this masterpiece would be 20days.

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