04 Mar

Guptas Through their Coins

The Gupta Empire ushered in a Golden Age n the Indian Subcontinent when they ruled major parts here between the early 4th century CE to the late 6th century CE. A marker of their glory and power are their coins, issued in lead, silver and gold by the rulers of the dynasty.
In this LIVE discussion, we take a look at the history of the Gupta Dynasty based on the secrets and stories that their coins hide. Starting from the first of the Gupta kings, Chandragupta I in the 4th Century CE, to the last King Vishnugupta in the 6th Century CE, their coins pack in many details about the empire, its evolution over the years, its culture, art, politics and a lot more.
Join us with numismatist, Sanjeev Kumar, who has written the book, Treasures of the Gupta Empire: A catalogue of coins of the Gupta dynasty and later Guptas, Sasanka and coinage of Bengal
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