21 Sept

Attendant Lords: Tracing the Unknown Stories of the Mughal Court

Bairam Khan and his son, Abdur Rahim Khan-i-Khanan were soldiers, poets and courtiers whose lives reflected the turbulent times they lived in.
In telling their stories, Senior Diplomat and Historian TCA Raghavan who has written the book, Attendant Lords covers over a hundred years of Mughal history, a time when these two noblemen were at the very heart of the court's labyrinthine politics.
We trace the lives of these two noblemen against the backdrop of the courtly intrigues, brutal power struggles and the grand literary endeavours of the Mughal court. Catch TCA Raghavan on LHI Circle as we understand the Mughal Court through the lives of two nobles, Bairam Khan and Abdur Rahim.
Here's the recording of the LIVE Discussion which took place on 22nd September 2021.