25 Aug

Making of Delhi with Dr Swapna Liddle

Delhi is a city steeped in history. It has been the capital of empires and a symbol of power. But how did the city look like before it saw the rise of many great empires? And did you know that the geography of the area has played a significant role in shaping the early history of what we know as Delhi today?
In our exclusive session, we look at the lesser-known histories of Delhi and take you off the beaten track. Joining us is an expert on the city's history, historian and author, Swapna Liddle, who has explored and written about Delhi extensively. We trace the story of Delhi, from its early history to the medieval times when it became the seat of the Sultanates.
From the famous Ridge of Delhi that is the site of the oldest prehistoric settlement of the region to the earliest fortification here, Lal Kot. From the tomb of Razia Sultan to the shrines of the Sufi Saints that made Delhi their home. Join us to explore the layers that make Delhi. Here's the recording of the LIVE session with Swapna Liddle that took place on 25th August 2021-|