Tales of Shahjahanabad

Visit Old Delhi today and you will find a labyrinth of old streets and lanes. It is difficult to imagine that this part of Delhi was once the grand, imperial capital of the Mughal Empire – Shahjahanabad. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan established this city right here in the 17th century, when he moved the capital from Agra.
Shahjahanabad, which was one of the most famous cities of its time, was at the heart of the Mughal Empire, until the fall of the capital after the Revolt of 1857. You can still see the traces of old glory here.
We take you through the lanes and bylanes of Shahjahanabad to discover the stories it hides, through this LHI Classic film, Tales of Shahjahanabad. Author and historian Dr Swapna Liddle, an expert on the history of the city, shares stories of the ambition, conquest, defeat, betrayal and devastation that shaped Shahjahanabad.