Travel to India's Oldest Art Gallery: Bhimbetka

There is something truly mesmerising about India’s oldest gallery of prehistoric art, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the caves of Bhimbetka, you will find, in vivid colour, the story of man and how life evolved in the Indian subcontinent, thousands of years ago.

On LHI Circle, travel with us to this intriguing site in Madhya Pradesh, where you can find art ranging from the Prehistoric (Mesolithic) period (around 10,000 BCE), to the Chalcolithic (Copper Age), Early Historic and the Medieval period.

Taking us on this virtual tour is Dr Narayan Vyas, who was part of the team that excavated the rock shelters in 1970-73 under archaeologist V S Wakankar, who discovered the cave art here in 1957.