Indian Roots of Tibetan Buddhism: A Documentary by Benoy K Behl

After a rare virtual tour of the great university of Nalanda in Bihar, as a follow on, we now bring you another special documentary on LHI Circle, that tells the story of the cultural influence of the Nalanda University beyond India's borders.

The influence of Tibetan Buddhism has spread far and wide, across the globe. But did you know that the origins of Tibetan Buddhism, its deities and mandalas, can be traced to the teachings of the great scholars at the University of Nalanda? This special documentary, Indian Roots of Tibetan Buddhism (2014) by art historian and filmmaker, Benoy K Behl, traces the philosophic and cultural roots of Tibetan Buddhism. It documents the insights from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other leading Tibetan experts on the links between Nalanda and Tibetan Buddhism.