Kushanas, Empire Builders From China

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    For a period of 120 years in the very distant past – from the 150 CE – 270 CE a large swathe of Northern India was overrun by an audacious tribe that came from Turfan in the Tarim Basin, in the North West China, of today. The Kushanas as we know them, went all the way down to the great city of Pataliputra and lorded over an Empire.
    Today, the town of Bagram, around 60 kms from Kabul, is known to the world, for the Bagram Airfield, the largest US Military base in Afghanistan and only makes it to the news for stories of prisoner abuse and suicide bombings. However, two millennia ago, this very town, was the magnificent and wealthy capital of the Kushanas, who ruled over a multi-cultural and multi-religious empire.

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