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    Every object tells a tale. It can be a tale of legacy, of tradition or the community - the hands that made it. For instance a piece of art that is inspired by one of the most loved monuments of the world. A stretch of cloth that echoes the tale of wandering bards or a vivid weave that celebrates age-old traditions.

    If you are someone who enjoys surrounding yourself with unique, handcrafted products we have a list of some classics, handpicked for your table.

    Marble Inlay Coasters

    Bring home a piece of the Taj Mahal with our Marble Inlay Coasters. Semi Precious stones such as Mother of Pearl, Agate, Jasper, Carnelian and Garnets are engraved on marble in intricate patterns. These pieces have been made in Agra by the artisans, who are descendants of those settled there, by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for building the Taj Mahal. Known as ‘Parchin Kari’ in India, this technique of inlay on marble, was first developed in Renaissance Italy in the 16th century. Over the next few centuries it travelled to Mughal India through the Persian court. These marble inlay coasters are heirlooms to be treasured.

    Lambani Table Runners

    Light up your table with our Table Runners made by the Lambani community of North Karnataka. The Lambanis are a ‘Banjara’ or nomadic travelling community, who are known for their exquisite traditional embroidery. Centuries ago, they settled in the kingdom of Sandur where they practised their art form. Lambani embroidery involves a handwoven base cloth, usually in red or blue, on which embroidery is done using thread, beads and mirrors. This art has even received international recognition owing to its universal appeal.

    Block Printed Tissue Box Covers

    You don’t need a mundane tissue box. You can now store your tissues in our beautiful, handcrafted tissues boxes made of fine block printed cloth. The art of hand block printing has been a popular and cherished practice in India for centuries. Infact, the origin of block printing in India goes back over 2400 years. The technique entails the skilled use of intricately carved wooden blocks to craft stunning patterns on different types of fabrics.

    Naga Cane Tray

    Beautifully woven by hand by artisans from Nagaland in North-East India, our collection of cane trays adds a bohemian-chic accent to your home. With two cut-out handles and a tight, durable weave, this tray ius ideal for serving cocktails, breakfast in bed, or for corralling small accessories and remotes. Durable and versatile, this tray adds a rustic warmth to your home. Aside from its beauty and practicality, it’s an eco-friendly option too. Made of natural fibres it is environment friendly and biodegradable.

    Naga Table Runners

    Blending modernity and tradition, our Naga Table runners are made with fine cotton from Nagaland. Woven in the famous loin loom or back strap loom which has been used in Nagaland since ancient times, this craft is today bening carried forward by women, for whom weaving is a tradition. Using one of the oldest and simplest of devices - the loin loom, the women weavers create unique and distinct designs.

    Gudri Tray

    Our off-white Gudri trays are show stoppers! Bring in this super versatile tray to serve in style. It comes with a foldable handle for ease of use. Gudri work is basically a special type of cut work and embroidery technique, specifically done by hand through a technique of complex cutting up of old fabrics, meticulously pieced together to form bold geometric patterns and sewn together using a simple running stitch done in an invisible fashion. This art form practised in Ahmedabad in Gujarat also provides livelihood to the women who make these beautiful pieces.

    This summer, add some timeless charm to your home with handcrafted artisanal tableware from Peepul Tree.

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