LHI Picks: Best of Amazing India

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    While almost everyone across India and the world knows of the famous Taj Mahal, how many know of the Red Taj, just a stone’s throw away? We bring you our top picks of some of the most amazing monuments and places across India, that are not on popular tourist maps but certainly deserve to be! Check these out and plan your journey of discovering India, through a whole new lens!

    10. The City of the ‘Conqueror of the Ganges’!

    An ancient city once envisaged as the grandest of grand capital cities, Gangaikondacholapuram has fought to survive through the centuries. Read More

    9. India’s Earliest Mosque

    Tucked away in coastal Kerala is a mosque that may have been built during the lifetime of the Prophet himself! Almost 500 years older than any mosque in North India, this is the oldest mosque in India. Read More

    8. The Mystery of Unakoti

    Deep in the remote jungles of Tripura, lies a site that has been one of the greatest enigmas of Indian history. The colossal rock cut sculptures of Unakoti are spectacular and mysterious! Read More

    7. Verinag: The Heart of Jhelum

    The Verinag spring, from which emerges the Jhelum river, is flush with history and legends. Read more

    6. Ranakpur - An Architectural Masterpiece

    The 600-year old Jain Temple in Ranakpur, Rajasthan, is an architectural marvel with over 1,000 pillars. Read more

    5. Rajgir: On Hallowed Ground

    An ancient capital city that holds great significance for the Buddhist, Jain as well Hindu faith. Read more

    4. Ratnagiri: The Seat of Tantric Buddhism

    A short distance away from Bhubaneswar in Odisha, is a site that is considered to be the seat of the unique Vajrayana or Tantric form of Buddhism which spread across the sub-continent from here. Read more

    3. Pinjore Gardens: A Plot to Outwit the Mughals

    Here is the story of a garden that was part of a plot by a local king to keep the Mughal lords out of his lair! The Pinjore Gardens are spectacular. The story behind it, is almost as interesting! Read more

    2. Champaner - The Abandoned Capital

    Some of the finest examples of pre-Mughal Islamic architecture in India can be found in the abandoned capital of Champaner. Read more

    1. A Red Taj - From Her to Him

    While the Taj Mahal in Agra needs no introduction, there is a beautiful story of a forgotten replica in red, built as a tribute for a loved husband. Read more

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