Moamoria Rebellion: The Revolution that History Forgot

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The rule of the Ahoms of Assam is unmatched in Indian history, for they ruled the vast Brahmaputra valley for 600 long years (1228 – 1826). Known for their military might, the Ahoms successfully fought off invaders, from the Sultans of Bengal to the Mughals, for centuries. But their downfall came not from a competing dynasty but a force from within – a rebellion that lasted 35 years (1769-1805). Many call the ‘Moamoria rebellion’ of the late 18th century an ‘Assamese revolution’, where the people rose in revolt against the oppression of the elite.
The Ahom Kingdom was established in 1228 CE by the Tai Ahom tribe who migrated from the Yunnan and Myanmar into the Brahmaputra valley. While the Ahoms followed the Tai Ahom religion, which worshipped spirits, over centuries they adopted Hindu practices.

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