Rukhmabai: Fighting her Way to the Top

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Imagine a young girl, from a small locality in the far off port town of Bombay creating a storm in England in the 19th century – appealing to the Queen of England, nay, the Empress of the British Empire, Queen Victoria to intervene on her behalf. That is what Rukhmabai (or Rakhmabai) did, fighting for her rights against the rigid system of child marriage and all that it entailed in the 1890’s. Rukhmabai was a catalyst who forced the Government of India to enact the Age of Consent Act in 1891 which legally set a limit for the age at which one could marry. She also proved why women should be allowed to soar- by becoming a successful doctor.
Captured on the silver screen through a Marathi film, Rukhmabai’s story, one of grit & determination, should be celebrated so that it can inspire millions across the world!

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