Our Story

Celebrating Art
About Our Peepul Tree

The exquisite Peepul Tree or Sacred Fig has a close, age-old connection with India. It is under this tree that the Buddha gained enlightenment. It is a tree that has been respected across faiths and celebrated in art throughout history. In fact, the earliest representation of the Peepul Tree can be found in a Harappan seal.

Our Mission

For us, the Peepul Tree with its wide arms, rich foliage and dancing heart-shaped leaves, is also a symbol of India’s cultural heritage. Diverse, rich, nurturing and inspirational. That is why we have chosen it to represent an initiative that brings together some of India’s finest artisans – to tell their story, celebrate their art and allow you to own a part of it.

India's Famed Artisans

For over 2,000 years, India was famous across the world for her magnificent textiles and arts fashioned by the finest craftsmen. Peepul Tree brings you a slice of that great legacy. We bring you the best works from award-winning artisans from across India and tell you the stories of these masterpieces. Each product is hand-picked and curated so that you can savour the variety and richness of India’s hand-crafted treasures. When you buy a product from Peepul Tree, you are ensuring that ancient traditions thrive, prosper and live on.

What You Will Find Here

On Peepul Tree, you will find an assortment of arts and weaves from the far corners of India. These arts are iconic as they represent centuries-old traditions, and use natural material inspired by the land they come from. Our selection covers Wearables, which offer a cross-section of hand-made weaves; Home Décor, which presents a range of traditional and contemporary home products; Accessories, like jewellery and bags; and Wall Art, which features the works of award-winning artists who are working on traditional art forms. You can also select Gift Boxes that offer an assortment of arts. Every product on Peepul Tree is hand-picked and curated by our team of designers and researchers.