How to celebrate a sustainable Diwali 2023

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    Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India and among Indian diaspora worldwide. It's a time when families come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. Traditionally, Diwali is marked by the illumination of oil lamps, colorful rangolis, bursting of fireworks, and the exchange of gifts and sweets.

    However, in recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental impact of traditional Diwali celebrations. With climate change and environmental conservation becoming critical global issues, it's high time we rethink how we celebrate this beautiful festival.

    These are some of the ways to celebrate a sustainable Diwali in 2023.

    Opt for Eco-friendly Decorations

    Diwali is known for its decorations but the use of single-use items in contribute to waste and environmental degradation. To celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, consider using sustainable decorations that cause minimum harm to the environment. Take for example, these exquisite Shola flowers and the Shola lights.

    Native to the Bengal, Orrisa & Assam region, Shola is a milky-white, spongy pith, extracted out of the weeds found in the marshy areas. For centuries, traditional Shola artisans, known as Malakars, have fashion beautiful objects out of it. The decorations made out of Shola art are not just environment friendly, but also support the local Malakar community, who has been practicing this craft for centuries.

    Light your homes responsibly

    Choose earthenware or metal diyas and reusable lanterns instead of disposable plastic ones. These eco-friendly alternatives not only look aesthetically pleasing but also help reduce plastic waste.

    Investing in Diyas and Puja Thalis, made of sustainable metalware, not only allows you to reuse them, but also makes a stylish style statement. Dokhra is an ancient technique of Lost Wax Casting, practiced by the tribes of India for centuries. Diyas and Tea Lights fashioned by the Dhokra technique are perfect to glam up your home for Diwali!

    Eco-Friendly Gifting

    Exchanging gifts is an integral part of Diwali tradition. By choosing eco-friendly gifts, you can promote sustainable practices and spread awareness about environmental conservation. Support local artisans by choosing gifts that are handmade and made from eco-friendly materials. Handmade artisanal items are often unique and have a lower carbon footprint than mass-produced goods.

    For example, Peepul Tree’s Dhokhra Ganesha with handmade Shola flowers makes for a perfect Diwali gift. Another great gifting option is that of a Pattachitra painting from Odisha combined with Shola flowers.

    Responsible Waste Management

    The aftermath of Diwali often includes piles of trash, especially from fireworks and packaging materials. To celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali, it's essential to manage waste responsibly.

    Sort and separate waste for recycling. Try to reuse or repurpose packaging materials, wrapping paper, and other items. If you have access to composting facilities, compost organic waste such as food scraps and natural decorations. This reduces the burden on landfills and benefits the environment.

    Finally, use the occasion of Diwali to spread awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. Educate your family, friends, and community about the significance of celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali. Encourage others to adopt sustainable practices and make small changes that collectively lead to a significant impact.

    By embracing eco-friendly practices, you can celebrate this beautiful festival while also contributing to the triumph of sustainability over environmental harm. So, this Diwali 2023, let's light up our homes, hearts, and the world with eco-conscious celebrations.

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